Here are the various members of my family at home (whether here or in spirit).


Elmo – our first pet, protector of the family, fearless and at 23 pounds, very impressive. Died from a heart problem at 14 years. 

Mew – won over Elmo quickly – she was his femme fatale. Died shortly after Elmo from probably broken heart.

Maggie – a beautiful cocker spaniel from Central Illinois, where she was probably used as a breeder. Linda’s soulmate, had survived serious illness twice in her 12 years, and passed away leaving a large hole in Linda’s life.

Frankie – along with his sister Ellie, was adopted in the far western Chicago suburbs from a farm – mama was a farm cat. The patriarch of the current cat family.  Was capable of leaping over 7 foot gates!

Ellie – Frankie’s sister. A seductive looking Tortie – long luscious fur.

Lucy –became Mark’s dog, a gorgeous shepherd/husky mix, we adopted her when she was already almost 10 years old. Full of energy only when she wanted to be, and slept under the Steinway in Mark’s studio while he taught piano. She survived one cancer only to be taken by a more virulent one later.

Midnight – beautiful and black, was a lover. Only lived 2 years due to lymphoma. 

Callie – followed Midnight into the house. Our only calico, and typically pretty cautious.

Mama – kept us in feral kittens until she disappeared – always too smart to be trapped. 

Fuzzy – one of Mama’s babies, she enchanted us with her looks, then disappeared. We think she might have been adopted.

Tawney – one of Mama’s babies, born along with Fuzzy. Tawney is still with us, living out in the heated condo by our back door. He has never allowed us to get close to him. 

Stripey – came from nowhere to become Tawney’s mate. They both live in the cat condo. 

Tweek – from Mama’s last litter. Big guy, a real lover, solid 20 pounds, and lives inside with us. 

Butters – Tweek’s brother -- a little smaller and more shy – came into the house with Tweek. 

Czarny – almost entirely black, Tweek and Butter’s brother, was the runt of the litter. Couldn’t catch him until he was five months old, and although he lives inside with us, is a bit feral still. Linda can contact him –but he’s still wary of Mark.